The Last Full Day in Haiti


Today was the last full day for our team in Haiti. This morning was pretty relaxing we sat around until about 10am when the bus came to pick us up and take us back to Port-Au-Prince. We had Dave take us over to the Women’s and Children’s Center to see how much work they had gotten done over the last few days. They had one room completely tiled and painted the entire outside of the building and the metal grates on the windows.

Around 10am the bus came and picked us up and took us to Port-Au-Prince. We went on a small tour of downtown and saw the collapsed palace. Then we went up to the baptist mission to have a look around on the mountain. After we finished there we continued our way up the mountain to the lookout. There we could look out over Port-Au-Prince and the rest of Haiti to see just how big the country is. Throughout the day we stopped a few times at some shops along the road to do some gift shopping.

We went back to downtown Port-Au-Prince to meet up with Thony and eat at a restaurant called Hot and Fresh. We got some more American-like food (Cheeseburger and fries, ribs, and milkshakes).

When we finished dinner we headed back to Thony’s house for the night and relaxed. We are spending some time chatting with Thony and playing some games. We even helped him setup the new crib for his baby that we brought down. We are sleeping at Thony’s house tonight and getting up and heading to the airport tomorrow morning to head back to the US.

We are all excited to come back to the US and be able to share our experiences with everyone. Thanks for all your prayers and comments this week, it has been great to read them everyday. Please pray for safe travels home.

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