A Day at the Beach


Today started with another session of VBS. We went to a school today and worked with about 125 kids today. We started off with them singing us some songs in Creole. After they finished singing to us we did our typical songs and bible story that we did yesterday. After that we handed out some art kits with construction paper, crayons, and stencils. After they did some drawings we passed out some paper bags and had them make some puppets. When they finished with their puppets we took them outside and played with some beach balls.

This afternoon we went out to a resort on the beach in Grand Goave. We spent the afternoon laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean. It was hard to believe that we were still in Haiti as we looked at the beautiful view that you see in the picture above. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of seafood and salads that were amazing.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Port-Au-Prince to meet up with Thony. He is going to take us on a tour of the city and then we are going to stay at his house tomorrow night and head to the airport Monday.

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