Day Camps


Today we got a break from all of the construction that we have been doing over the last couple of days and got to work with kids in 2 different orphanages for VBS.

In the morning we went to a small orphanage that had about 25 kids. We sang some songs and told them the story of Nehemiah and rebuilding the wall. Then we broke out the coloring books and crayons and some paper plate fans for them to decorate. The kids had lots of fun with the crayons and there were some real artists in the group. We blew up some beach balls and played multiple games with them. We did some relay and keep away type games that the kids really seemed to enjoy. As we left we passed out some gifts to the children and left the girls with some necklaces and the boys with come little jars of playdough.

We came back to the camp for yet another wonderful lunch before heading back out to another orphanage. After lunch we went to an orphanage across the street from the camp. Here we worked with about 80 kids. We sang the same songs and did the same bible verse that we did in the morning. After the bible verse they were fed lunch by the staff at the orphanage so we prepped for face painting. As they finished up eating we started face painting, which was quite a chore to be able to keep that many kids under control while we took 3 or 4 at a time to a booth that we setup to paint their faces. The kids had decided that they would rather have their arms painted instead of their faces and almost all of them wanted a cross and the word Jesus on their arms. On our way out we handed out the necklaces to the girls and the playdough to the boys again.

We stopped by the market today and had Jessy barter for a mattress that we told him we needed for the camp and on the way back when we dropped him off we told him the mattress was his and it was our gift from the team seeing as he didn’t have one to sleep on in his house and we wanted to show him that we were thankful for all of his help over the last few days.

We spent the last few hours as a team chatting about the experiences that we have had this week in Haiti and the Haitian culture. It has been nice for Tim and I to share some of the differences between last year and this year with the other guys.

Tomorrow morning we have another orphanage to go to and do anther VBS. In the afternoon Dave and Beth are going to take us over the mountains to the beach to swim and enjoy a nice meal at a beach restaurant.

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