Final Day of Building


Today was the last day of construction for us on the women’s and children’s center. We spent the day digging a giant trench for the sewage pipes. We didn’t quite get the trench finished but we got a large start on it for them. It was a long, hot, sweaty day working in the sun all day digging.

We handed out a few gifts today to some of the people we had gotten to know on the work site. There is a mom that lives on the center with a small child so we gave her a hygiene kit and hung a mosquito net over her bed so that the bugs wouldn’t bite her baby anymore when they were sleeping. We also got boxed lunches and cokes for all of the construction workers. Guy also had some hats that he handed out to some of the workers that didn’t have any.

During our lunch today we brought a couple of wheel barrows and shovels back with us so we could help Dave spread the rocks out around the camp so it would keep the dust down and he could have his parking spot back. They even made us mango banana smoothies for lunch, they were amazing.

After our work today we took yet another tour of Leogane to some areas we hadn’t seen yet. We had Jessy James with us who is a guy that lives in Leogane who has been helping us with some work and translating for the last couple of days. He was explaining some of the areas and different buildings as we drove along. He has also been helping us to better understand the Haitian culture.

We had a local seller come into the camp tonight and setup his souvenirs for us to shop through and buy.

We are setting up and getting ready for the VBS sessions tomorrow. We are suppose to be doing 2 sessions tomorrow and one session on Saturday.

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