Foundation Laying


The morning started out with an interesting experience, Dave got a small accident right outside of where we were staying with a tap tap (taxi) and dented in the whole passenger door of his truck. So we put Scott to work and had him show us his body shop skills.

Today was another day of construction on the women’s and children’s center. This morning we worked on finishing the foundation for the water run off. There was a lot of rocks to move and fill in before the cement could be laid over the top. There were more kids around today that wanted to play some hand games with us.

The Haitian workers started working on laying the cement over all of the rocks that we put down. There were quite a few more Haitian workers working around the center today. They were working on tiling the floors and finishing up the cement outside around the windows. There has been quite a bit of progress on the building over the last 2 days between us and the Haitian workers.

In the afternoon we started digging a trench for the sewage drain that we should be working on during the day for the next few days.

After we were working done working for the day Dave took us on another excursion to see some more parts of Leogane as we headed back to our camp. Once we got back we all had a chance to shower and enjoy what they called Holiday soup which was an amazing stew-like meal with turkey, potatoes and carrots. While eating dinner we discussed our plans for the rest of the week and it looks like we will be working around the women’s and children’s center for tomorrow and then Friday/Saturday we will be conducting VBS at some area schools. Sunday Thony will be taking us for a tour of Port-Au-Prince.

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