A Day of Moving Rubble


Today was the first full day in Haiti and we got a lot accomplished. This week we are going to be working on the women’s and children’s center this week with the Waters.

We started the day sanding the cement walls inside of the center and digging trenches on on the outside of the wall to start laying a cement foundation to keep the water away from the building.

There were a few children in the area that come by and wanted to play and try to “help” us move some of the rocks and rubble.

After lunch they Haitian workers had finished laying down the cement blocks for the foundation so we spent the afternoon filling up the foundation with rocks and clearing out all the remaining rubble from around the building.

After we finished working for the day Dave took us on a little tour of Leogane and down to the ocean. On our way back to our camp we kept stopping by any little children on the side of the road and giving them suckers.

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