New Puppy

Over the weekend I picked up a new puppy. It’s a purebred British championship hunting lab. I have been wanting a puppy for quite some time and my dad was getting a new puppy to start training for waterfowl hunting. He found a part-time breeder in St. Joseph, Michigan and we went down to look at them last week. There was 9 puppies in the litter and he had sold all but 3 of them, my dad picked one of them. This past Saturday morning we went down to pick her up. By this time he only had one dog left and I told him to give me a call if he couldn’t sell it and I might be interested. Within a few hours he gave me a call back and told me he was willing to sell it to me for half price so I went back down Sunday afternoon and picked her up. Over the next few months I will be busy teaching her the basic commands and training her for waterfowl hunting. It will be a great addition to my life and my new house. I have posted some pictures and videos and will continue to add new pictures often.

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